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Immediate Release: June 2, 2005

“Superior efforts….excellent results” Hospital CIO at Awards ceremony receiving HospitalConnect Award.

Rockville , MD – June 2 , 2005 – MED Trends, Inc. ( ) - (MTI)

MED Trends has been supporting a local world renowned hospital in areas of Electronic Medical Records through an enterprise Physician Information Portal (PIP) that acts as a gateway of information integrating legacy systems.

PIP offers a truly scalable architecture supporting large concurrency of users. Realizing the relevance of PIP it was extended to multi-channel information exchange framework providing real time interface to some of the mission critical systems at the hospital.

“We are privileged to be associated with the hospital (name withheld) and cater to some of the very challenging problems faced allowing for enhanced patient care”, commented Nathan S., Program Manager.

About MED Trends, Inc.:

MED Trends' Secure System Solutions span the full cycle of information management delivered along with our subject-matter expertise, functional experience, technology skills, and skilled Program Management. It is what sets us apart from competitors and promotes customer loyalty. This information management value chain of “Secure Solutions” is backed by superior Program Management.

A culture of Commitment is a bold claim. But it is a claim backed by MED Trends, Inc.'s long history of boldly going to extreme levels to deliver the quality service that you deserve. We provide solutions like no one else, and we have been doing so for more than a decade. Our commitment stems from our practice of hiring top-notch experts who have a professional and personal dedication to the work they do and the mission success of the clients they serve.

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MED Trends, Inc. is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business