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As the leading provider of Electronic Medical Records including transcription services, coding services, HIPAA compliance, audits, billing, Teleradiology and Telemedicine. MED Trends can do the work for you in total or in combination with your in-house resources. MED Trends' scalable service suite allows it to provide clients with low cost, tailored services that meet individual needs and support in-house resource optimization.

When it comes to transcription and coding, MED Trends leads the healthcare industry in commitment, experience and reliable solutions.

Medical Transcription:

As the leading medical transcription services provider, MED Trends offers clients low cost, tailored transcription services that meet organization-wide or departmental needs. MED Trends' e-Scribe , an Internet-hosted transcription platform and flexible dictation solutions give clients easy access to advanced technology and the confidence that medical reports will be completed quickly and accurately. MED Trends knows clients need fast turnaround times but do not want to compromise accuracy thereby exceeding customer expectations for timely turnaround of medical reports and exceptional quality.

Medical Coding:

MED Trends credentialed coding professionals perform their work with a sincere commitment to compliance and excellence. Whether on- or off-premise, MED Trends experienced coders provide prompt turnaround times that enhance client revenue cycles. Need customized audits and assessments? The MED Trends coder is prepared for the job, including experience in conducting physician educational sessions and producing written status reports.

HIPAA Compliance:

MED Trends provides HIPAA consulting services that help our customers ensure compliance with a very challenging and comprehensive set of regulations. Furthermore, with our experience in healthcare organizations and working with consumer advocacy groups, we are able to help organizations understand what it means and what is required to comply with the patient privacy provisions of HIPAA.

Telemedicine and Tele-radiology:

Telemedicine is as simple as two health professionals discussing a case over the telephone, or as sophisticated as using satellite technology to broadcast a consultation between providers at facilities in two countries, using videoconferencing equipment or robotic technology. MED Trends has expertise in setting up networks, high-speed high-resolution scanners to facilitate the complex process of saving countless lives and accommodating the acute shortage of resources in Medical Centers across the country.


MED Trends, Inc. is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business